Thursday, March 4, 2010

AIDS in Malaysia

HIV virus SPREAD through sexual intercourse may become between main cause of increase case new among women. First detected in Malaysia in 1986, as much as 86,127 cases HIV infection was recorded Health Ministry until 30 June 2009. From the total, 14,955 patient afflicted AIDS and 11,549 deaths related AIDS recorded.

However, cases of AIDS record according to year had showed sharp decline new patient number, or AIDS result 's death due to discovery new drugs.

Began to be approved Pentadbiran Makanan and Dadah United States (FDA) in end 1980 ', medicine application antiretroviral had caused sharp decline global death AIDS result since middle 1990 '.

Free therapy

Yet, almost 10,000 individual infected with HIV in Malaysia have participated HAART treatment 's programme (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy), including drug addict group.

HAART application not only intend to control HIV virus spread and development in individuals , even to populace.

With are variety medicine choice now, individual infected with HIV was given second chance to live by normal, as long as they remain comply medicine intake rule.

Currently, individual with HIV in Malaysia can get medicine antiretroviral 'first line' for free from government hospital.

However, if that virus form result resistance failure to obey medicine intake instruction, patient forced to take out own expense to buy medicine 'second row' or 'third row' which far costlier and only given some subsidy by verbal.

Year 2002 record new case climax HIV infection in this country. However, 2002 also become decline starting moment number of new cases seven long consecutive year.

Overall, total HIV infections show 78,926 (90.9 percent) constitute temporary class of men 7,801 (9.1 percent) again woman.