Saturday, September 3, 2011

Take care of the genitals

Take care of the genitals sometimes need special treatment, than others. Besides its location can not be seen directly until the observation more difficult, and following the tips to treat genital, male or female.

Men and women have different genitalia, including the nature, structure, uses and functions. And of course perawatannya also different. Vagina @ vagina owned by women susceptible to infection (infection) and irritation (inflammation), in contrast to the penis @ penis belonging to men because most of the penile skin thick enough so more resistant to irritation and infection.

In treating often wrong, for example, women are constantly cleaning tool kelaminnya ordinary soap or cleaning fluid is not clear that the composition of its contents, or sprinkle powder, even spraying perfume in the vagina. For men also like to use in tight pants, it can cause other problems.

Some tips we treat genital;

1. After urination or large

Try to always wash the outside of the genitals with soap and water. For women, siramlah with water to the front to back and not vice versa. This is to prevent the entry of germs from the anus to the vagina / vagina. For men, quite simply cleaned with water.

2. Clean underwear

Should be in a day, at least change clothes in twice to maintain cleanliness. In addition choose materials that can be easily underwear absorbs sweat, because if not, fungi may adhere to the genitals. Avoid to exchange clothing with others even with their own family, because everyone has different sexual conditions.

3. Using public toilets

Siramlah (flush) before using, to prevent the spread if there are other users suffering from venereal disease. We recommend that you always use the water out through a pipe or tissue and avoid the use of a bucket, because according to research that stagnant water in public toilets containing 70% fungal Candida albicans (the cause of vaginal discharge and itching in the vagina).

4. Decor fur / hair that grows around the genitals

Avoid cleaning the hair in the pubic area by means of disconnect because there will be holes in the former pubic hairs and the entrance of bacteria, germs, and fungi. Can cause further irritation and skin diseases. Hair treatment is only recommended to be made up by shortening, with scissors or shaved but before soap book in advance and use a special soft shaver and cleaned with soap and hot water. Keep in mind when using it, store it in a clean and dry, not in a slow and do not use them interchangeably, even with a husband / wife.

Hairs of the work for the health of the penis, which is useful for stimulating the growth of good bacteria that fight bad bacteria and prevent the entry of small foreign objects into the vagina / vagina, keeping the genitals keep warm and a pillow when making a sexual relationship and protect from friction. Need to work hard keeping up is not a breeding vermin and fungi.

5. Application pantyliner (napkins)

Application not recommended pantyliner used every day, preferably Pantyliner use only white. It would be nice if it brings underwear pantyliner replacement of daily use.

6. Avoid using underwear and tight jeans

Wearing underwear and jeans that are too tight can cause skin varies from difficulty in breathing and can eventually cause the district sweating, slow, susceptible to fungal and irritated. Wearing tight pants for men can not make blood flow smoothly and make the penis / penis and testes in hot conditions. Excessive heat by heat, sweat, and clothes that are too tight can decrease sperm quality.

7. Avoid to spray perfumes / fragrances into the vagina.

8. Own an uninfected partner

This is one of the tips on the care and treatment of the genitals, avoiding to find out or cheating spouses.

9. Do not be lazy to change dressings

For women who are menstruation / periods, not to lazy to change the dressings as during menstruation germs easy to enter and wrapping an existing blood clot is the growing place of fungi and bacteria. Try to replace every 4 hours, 2-3 times a day or when you're not comfortable. Do not forget to clean the vagina before when changing dressings.

10. Routine inspections

Try to always do a routine check on the genitals;

* For men, check the testes (testicles) can be directly, by means of:

- Knowing the size, shape, and weight of testes, respectively.

- Using both hands, each testicle blindly.

- Alert if there is a small bump under the skin, in front or along the testis. If you have any lumps or swelling, make a doctor immediately.

- If there is something that is not normally and does not feel comfortable, immediately consult a doctor.

- If there is any discoloration, often accompanied by a dreadful smell and itching on the genitals, seek immediate medical advice.