Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fresh with Short Hair Style

Bored with long hair model for you apply? Change view more fresh and younger by trying some short hair styles below.

Grown-out pixie
pixie like Ginnifer Goodwin show off a perfect face shape that had been hidden behind his long hair. Ptongan hair looks good to you that has a round or square face, said Tan Anh Co., the stylist .

According to Tan, this haircut for as long as many people feel comfortable with yourself. The key is to keep the pieces of soft and modern look with lots of length variation. To mimic this haircut, ask
hairdresser you to provide the layer on the front long enough to tuck behind her ear.

latest hair style singer Keri Hilson looks fresh and features a oval face shape, and add dimension to the cheekbones. Asymmetrical pieces also make this style looks very girly, with accent
highlights that made him look edgy .

Ask the
hairdresser to give layers of bangs cut just below the eyes, long, and tapering. This haircut is suitable for you who have a firm shape eyebrows and full face or a heart-shaped. In addition, long-necked women will also look very impressive with a haircut like this.

shaggy like Kristen Stewart show feminine features. Is ideal for those who have naturally straight hair and silky smooth texture. Avoid haircuts shaggy if you have a square face shape, because it will make it look too square.

To imitate this haircut, ask
hairdresser cut bangs like a horseshoe, with the length of the shorter bangs on the inside than on the outside. Meanwhile, the remaining trimmed shoulder-length hair with the tips of the shaved. Hair around the crown should be cut short like a bowl, making it look separate from the rest of the hair-layer .

bob like Christina Aguilera to add accents to the line of her jaw, while the other side tucked behind her ear and let half of his face parted. This haircut can be adjusted in length making it suitable for almost any face shape.

To your chubby, get haircuts on the chin. In the meantime, for those who have a long face can get cut on the shoulder. However, cuts
bob a bit inconvenient for those who have curly or wavy hair, because it tends to swell, so do not look perfect. (* / OL-08)