Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snore problem

When is mentioned on gone to the land of nod, sure you reflected time to rest brain and body and enable body system function balanced again before started his next day new day.

But sedarkah you matter on the other hand which occurred and bedtime may become most dangerous period to your body.

Gone to the land of nod and snore now more become norm and accepted by many as a normal matter among male and woman.

Regardless of cause of excessive body weight, is inherited from parents or airway structural problems, too many which took light snore problem and not to make an effort to solicit treatment.

Snore problem attended in two form namely habit snore or soft snore with soft sound such as sound dekus cat, no airways obstruction and harmless.
Second type is obstacle snore air duct namely strong snore blocked airway result complicate admit air to lungs and very precarious.

“Sleepiness immensely when driving on the other hand into one result habit gone to the land of nod disturbed, until ever fall asleep to few seconds in car,”
I try practise morning meditation to overcome feel tired and drowse this but that fixed unhelpful snore problem faced.

“Have occured me felt such as float after awaken from gone to the land of nod. I also always felt pressure in eye ball and dog-tired after rise and shine,”

Girth neck which exceeded 17 inches associated with obstacle increase of risk air duct because fat dump in neck may press respiratory tract.

Facial bone structure also enhance obstacle risk air duct, including top and ground jaw bone that does not parallel, such as shorter or smaller lower jaw until narrow respiratory tract.

As such do not take light snore problem faced your couple.