Thursday, March 25, 2010

Five Secrets Women Beautiful China

China WOMAN are known for having skin like porcelain featuring oriental beauty. Consider some common rituals of women lived in the City of Bamboo Curtain was to keep and care for their beauty.

Makeup matte
China Women used to come up with a perfect face like a doll with
makeup shades of matte. To obtain such smooth skin, apply sheer foundation with equally good, use concealer if needed in the areas under the eyes and nose, and then end with a sweep of powder matteface. Make sure the powder really smooth, so blend smoothly into the skin.

Drinking tea
with the Women of China believes benefits of green tea,
white tea and oolong tea to make young people. In addition to inhaled delicious in hot conditions, the tea also has many benefits for beauty and health.

Oil peanut
butter Camellia Oil is often used to promote hair growth in the scalp as well as a
conditioning oil for the face. This oil has benefits for menutrisi and soften the skin, and helps reduce wrinkles and lines that have the skin to treat burns.

People believe in the efficacy China reflexology. This foot massage helps improve skin circulation, helps lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and speed up the healing process in the body system.

Krim night
China Women appreciate subtlety and perfection of the skin. So, no wonder if the product is very popular night cream there. Be sure to apply cream to the face the night before going to sleep at night as your beauty rituals